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WNR#5: The Gambian Youth Group Challenging Preconceptions about Migration.

In this week's PTC World News Roundup, we share sad news about the fate of the Khan al-Ahmar school; some worrying stats about childhood bullying; and the story of YAIM, the grassroots youth group in Gambia who are challenging preconceptions about migration.

From darkness to the light: Syrian families find peace in rural England

The story of a Syrian family, who were lucky enough to be selected for the UK "Vunerable person's resettlement scheme". They were relocated to the sleepy chocolate-box village of Hampton Bishop, Hereford, but rather than feel excluded from village life, the locals have embraced their new Syrian neighbours and vice versa. Let's hope that happy endings like these encourage the UK government to expand their program, and help more refugees find new homes! Read the full Guardian article here

Trump administration seeks to sidestep limits on child detention

Despite the US government's promises to end the separation of migrant children, yesterday the Department for Homeland Security released their plan to scrap the 1997 law which limits the amount of time children can be detained, allowing them to legally extend the length of imprisonment to more than 20 days. This is a sad and very disappointing development after the success of the #FamiliesBelongTogether movement. Read the full article by Al Jazeera here.

Violence at school an ‘unforgettable lesson’ faced by more than half the world’s children: UNICEF

As part of their #ENDviolence campaign, Unicef have released a report revealing that around 150 million school children aged 13-15 are the victims of violence from their peers at school. This affects all children from high and low income countries, but children experiencing disability, extreme poverty, or from a minority ethnic group are particularly vulnerable. Read the full article by UN News here.

*** If you are a young person aged between 18 and 24, then you can take part in the '#ENDviolence in schools' campaign by filling in this questionnaire on the Unicef website now! ***

‘Children’s crisis’ in South Sudan must be addressed, says top UN official calling for real accountability

“The crisis in Sudan is a children's crisis", says the United Nations Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Virginia Gamba. This comes in the wake of continuing atrocities against young people in Sudan, including abduction, rape, destruction of schools and hospitals, and denial of humanitarian access. Read the full UN story here.

Returning from Libyan detention, young Gambians try to change the migration exodus mindset

There is an entrenched belief in Gambia that the only way to achieve a better life is to journey to Europe, via the "back way". But, 26-year-old, Mustapha Sallah, says this is a false promise. After having spent months locked up in terrible conditions in a Libyan jail and deported back to Gambia, Mustapha and his friends founded YAIM (Youth Against Irregular Migration). YAIM uses social media, radio and roadshows, to share migration stories, and warn about the risks of trying to reach Europe. Instead, they offer a message of hope - there are plenty of opportunities for young people in Gambia; they don't need to leave their home country to find success. Read the full IRIN article here.

Escalation of violence in Idlib could be deadly for children, UNICEF warns

A further escalation of fighting in Idlib, northwestern Syria, will put the lives of more than 1 million children at imminent risk, says Unicef. As with all forms of conflict, children are disproportionately affected. It is their mental health, education, and physical well-being which is harmed the most. Unicef urge all parties involved in the conflict to allow them access to the region, so that they can give humanitarian care to these children. Read the full Unicef statement now.

Khan al-Ahmar: Palestinian school faces demolition by Israel

The battle to save the Khan al-Ahmar "tyre school" school from demolition has been lost. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the Palestinian school and the adjacent Bedouin village, both situated in the Israeli occupied West Bank, are illegal. They will shortly be demolished and the Palestinian residents will be relocated. Read the full article by Al Jazeera here.

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