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Pass the Crayon at WelcomeBazaar

On Thursday December 15th 2017 , Pass the Crayon attended WelcomeBazaar; an amazing Christmas market hosted by our friends at WelcomeCamp, Media Residents and Refugees Welcome.

The bazaar itself was hosted at OMAs cafe, a grassroots community space, open to all, and donation based, where people with flight experience can meet up, socialize and receive free language courses, advice and jobs counselling. OMAs cafe is also home to HOLZOMA, a woodworking initiative for refugees and other groups with special needs, who can come and learn woodwork and carpentry skills, take internships and even make their own furniture!

The atmosphere at WelcomeBazaar was great: the mulled wine was flowing and everyone had the chance to mingle, share ideas and spread the Christmas cheer. Some exciting local initiatives and artists were present, including DJs and musicians Syriantal, Leda Fay and Moonhami Sun.

Delicious chilli con carne and other vegan treats were prepared by Project:Deli and drinks were supplied by Solidrinks, (or if you wanted something stronger, you could sample some delicious craft gin and whiskey! )

If you needed to buy some Christmas presents you could pick up some gorgeous wooden gifts, hand-carved by artist Hassan, or some handmade Fair-Trade knitwear from Lu: Designs Berlin. We also had the chance to check out some of the amazing sculpture art created by the team at FLickeN, like this seriously cool spider made from bike chain!

Outside there was a fire pit, complete with stockbrot, a special German bread that you cook over the open fire-- this was very fun to make, and the children really enjoyed their fire-cooking, although most of the bread was too burnt to eat!

Although we had brought art supplies for the children to use, most of them preferred to be outside cooking their stockbrot; but our table was full the whole night, thanks to lots of keen adults who wanted to get creative too. When it got too cold to stay outside, the kids flooded in and got to work creating some beautiful cards. By the end of the night ALL of the stickers and glitter had been used; a classic sign of a good time!

We wish to thank everyone at OMAs cafe for hosting the event, and particularly our thanks to the WelcomeCamp Team, who always deliver amazing events and we are always happy to support! Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

** For more photographs from this event, please check out the Media Residents Facebook album. And don't forget to 'like' and share this post! :) **


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