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PTC Weekly #13: Beads, Zoos and BBQs

In this week's PTC Weekly, find out how to make the most realistic cave paintings, and which PTC team member makes the best fresh lemonade! ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹


On Monday, Manon and some volunteers took the kids to the Tierpark zoo in Lichtenberg as an introduction to our new Animal painting series. We decided to bring the kids to the zoo so that they could see some exotic animals up close, and use this as inspiration in their future art.

The children were all super excited to go on a trip with us. Many of them had never visited the zoo before, and they were delighted to see so many different animals, including monkeys, goats, elephants and crocodiles. It was a really fun day, but super exhausting because of the hot weather.

The next day we did 'cave paintings' with the kids, who all still had the zoo trip fresh in their minds. Using brown paper and chalks, they drew their pictures, smudging and dabbing with the chalk to create an earthy, primeval vibe. To finish the look, we crumpled the paper at the end, so their creations looked especially old. This was a really simple, and very effective art class which the kids really enjoyed, especially with the extra inspiration that they took from their zoo trip.


This week, in Pankow, we made animals out of coloured beads. Some kids were very interested in learning how to make complex shapes using special knot formations. Others preferred to experiment on their own, making various beaded creations including jewellery and key chains. A lot of the kids made bracelets and necklaces as gifts for their family members.

Due to the scorching hot weather, we all preferred to sit outside in an open session that everyone could freely take part in. As it was so hot, the session was very chilled, with everyone relaxing on the grass, and quietly working with the beads.


On Friday afternoon, we all went to the Weissensee shelter for the Sommerfest. It was another gorgeous day, perfect weather for a BBQ! We had a table underneath the trees and sat and made some crafts with the children, including handmade cards with sticky foam pieces, and face paints.

The children really loved the face painting, especially the girls, who all wanted flowers and princess crowns on their faces. It was a lovely day, and so nice to be outside with the rest of the families, and have the chance to chat to the parents and other residents at the shelter. We all ate some delicious food, including salads, hummus and barbecued meats. We also got to drink some very tasty fresh lemonade, which everybody at the shelter agreed was amazing, made by... Manon!

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