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PTC Weekly #12: Kids become journalists and explore different cultures.

We have had an exciting and busy week at Pass the Crayon: In Weissensee, we continued our workshop series learning about diversity through journalism, and our week came to a close with Welcome Camp, a day-long conference with other organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the lives of refugees in Berlin.


This week, we continued our workshop series on diversity and journalism. We began by teaching the kids about different countries and their cultures, and giving them opportunities to share their own knowledge about the world. Then, we launched into journalism mode- each kid chose a country and role (reporter, moderator, interviewer, etc.)

The workshop continued over the following days, and volunteers helped kids write scripts and questions. When everyone knew what they would be saying, we had a trial run where kids practiced speaking in front of the camera, allowing them to develop important public speaking skills. We ended the week by filming a fantastic newsreel featuring each child in their respective journalistic role. It was a terrific week!


Our week came to a finish with Welcome Camp 2018, a 'BarCamp' aimed at connecting refugee grassroots initiatives, individuals and NGOs together to support eachother, and develop growth strategies. The PTC team all participated, and we had a blast taking advantage of all the conference had to offer. We came prepared with art supplies and set up a stand where kids from a local refugee center made some terrific art projects. Whilst some of us stayed downstairs manning the PTC stand, others had the opportunity to participate in workshops, where we learnt about journalism, media, politics, and the role of refugees in all of these issues. The conference ended with a fun barbecue, where we got to meet and socialize with other individuals committed to refugee-related issues in Berlin. It was a fantastic day!

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