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WNR #4: Plays promoting safe spaces and pennies against racism.

In this week's World News Roundup, learn how one cent really CAN make a difference💰🕊️; what happened when Mahmoud visited the Dalai Lama 🕉️; and the heartbreaking story of young Iraqi boy, Othman.

Supported by safe spaces, Rohingya refugees show off their creativity on International Youth Day

On August 12th, children living in the Kutupalong Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, celebrated International Youth Day. The children along with the local Bangladeshi community collaborated on an exhibition named, 'Safe Spaces for Youth'. The exhibition involved artwork and multiple creative activities, including a play on the theme of sexual harassment, which was performed by a group of young people for the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake!

12-year-old Tahera, pictured alongside her painting that shows a Safe Space for Youth. Image via UNFPA

UNICEF statement: Does anyone care? Cruelty against children continues.

This week, UNICEF released a powerful statement calling for the immediate end of conflict in Syria. The war has disproportionately affected women, children and other vulnerable groups. Just three days ago, UNICEf reported the death of 21 children in Northern Yemen. They estimate that the continuing war is putting 1 million children at risk, in Idleb alone.

On the day Othman got his scars, he lost his mom, his brother, a cousin, and his will to speak.

In this wonderful narrative article, journalist, Annie Slemrod, describes her long search for Othman, the young Iraqi boy scarred by shrapnel, forever haunted by memories of the day that he lost his entire family.

Othman and his grandmother. Image via IRIN News

World Refugee Day: A Young Refugee Reflects on Meeting the Dalai Lama

This is the moment Mahmoud Khalil, a young student and Palestinian-Syrian-Algerian refugee, met the Dalai Lama. Mahmoud was part of a group of 25 young peace innovators, all with a range of flight backgrounds, who were given the opportunity to fly to Dharmsala for a training program, organised by the United States Institute of Peace. This included direct mentorship from the Dalai Lama! In his written statement, Mahmoud reflects on what he learnt during his trip, and on the similarities between all refugees.

Art project listing names of dead refugees and migrants is destroyed

This is the story of the mysterious and upsetting disappearance of artwork by Istanbul-based artist Banu Cennetoglu, featuring a list of 4,361 refugees and migrants who lost their lives trying to reach Europe. The list was part of the Liverpool Biennial art festival, commissioned by the anti-fascist network UNITED, as part of celebrations for World Refugee Day. Nobody knows what happened to the list, or why it was removed.

Israeli forces are killing Palestinian children at record rates

According to Defense for Children International, Israeli forces have killed at least 35 Palestinian children since the start of 2018. Many of the deaths were in connection with the recent “March of Return” protests in the the Gaza Strip. Although these young people did not represent a direct threat, the Israeli forces attacked them with live ammunition, thereby contravening international law. The latest casualty is 17-year-old, Ahmad Jihad Ahmad al-Aydi, who was struck by live fire on March 30th. After a two week battle in intensive care, Ahmad died of his injuries on August 5th.

Thousands attend funerals of children killed in Yemen bus attack

In recent attacks by the Saudi-UAE alliance backed by the U.S. military, a staggering 40 children were killed. To honour their death, thousands of people gathered in Yemen's war-ravaged city of Saada on Monday for their funeral. Continued violence and unrest in Yemen has made it the most unstable and dangerous country in the Arab world, with one UN official calling it the worst humanitarian crisis in 50 years.

Children protesting against air strokes in Yemen. Image via Al Jazeera.

Ein Cent gegen Nazis (One cent against Nazis) In Spandau on August 18th, the largest right-wing rally of the year will take place, with hundreds of people expected to participate. The march is in commemoration of the prominent Nazi war criminal, Rudolf Hess, who personally helped write much of the anti-Semitic legislation enforced by the Nazi party, including the infamous Nuremberg Laws of 1935. To counteract this march, the initiative 'Berlin Gegen Nazis' are organizing a 'one cent for every marcher' scheme, with all donations going to the rescue organisation, Sea Watch..

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