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"Art has the ability to express emotions without words": An Art Gallery Reflection.

Following on from last weekend's photography exhibition, 'The Art of Black and White', we take a closer looks at some of our favourite photographs, and reflect on the power of Art as a medium for communication.

Last weekend, Pass The Crayon teamed up with the local art gallery, Berlin Blue Art to present a collection of photographs taken from artists from around the world. The photos were chosen from a selection of pictures sent in from artists across the globe, collated via the online photography platform, GuruShots. Each picture was completely different in style and skill level, but all pictures were ccohesively in black and white.

What really stood out was the individual perspective of each frame. There was not one picture that didn’t capture the esoteric beauty of the subject. It was amazing to see something as mundane as a set of hands folded. It was photographed in a light which made it seem so intensely realistic it looked as though the hands were so worn that they were made from leather.

Another captivating photograph featured a person standing on what looked like a pedestal in the middle of a fountain. The person was draped in a thin veil that created this beautiful shadow effect. At the same time, water droplets from the fountain danced throughout the photo. The picture as a whole gave this whimsical, fantasy aesthetic. Where as the hand picture created a harder look, this picture presented a softer tone.

One picture that was really emotionally provoking was a picture of an older women wearing traditional Muslim garb. She is in a group of women wearing the same type of clothing, but she is the only one depicted. Her face looks worn down and heartbroken. It is almost as if she is looking back at a tragic scene. That she is looking back at something that she once knew so well but, it is completely different now as she leaves it behind. It paints this scene of looking back at the known and being ready to face the unknown. The women in the picture is giving off this maternal energy. She looks as if she is guiding the group to something better. This picture is very simple on the surface, but draws the individual in with significant features. It forces one to think and try to understand the emotions that are being given in the photo.

Photos like these were able to provoke powerful emotions from the viewer. They were able to make some think about the bigger picture. That is something that is important about art. Art has the ability to express emotions with no words.

At Pass the Crayon, this is something that we see over and over again. Our workshops allow the children to express their emotions through art. The children are given the artistic freedom to create whatever they choose. Looking at the art that they created takes down a language barrier and the viewer is left with raw emotion. Raw emotion can be seen as something heavy, but it can also be something light and care free, such as a simple drawing or painting of something that the child might enjoy. Art is the simplest yet one of the most enriched forms of communication. It allows the individual to not only explore their feelings, but the feelings of the artist, unimpeded by spoken word which can often distort the true message.

It is events like the ‘Art of Black and White’ or art workshops like at Pass the Crayon that allow people the artistic freedom to express what they truly feel, without constriction.

** To view pictures from this event, please follow the link here. Thank you for reading our latest article. Don't forget to 'like' this post and share on social media! **


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