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Art of Black and White: An exhibition by GuruShots

We are honoured and grateful to be chosen by GuruShots as the beneficiary of the proceeds from their recent exhibition, "The Art of Black and White".

On Friday June 22, 2018, The Berlin Blue Wall Art Gallery hosted the GuruShots event, “The Art of Black and White.” GuruShots is an online gallery where everyone is encouraged to submit their photographs or other types of media expressing their artwork.

This online photography platform has helped to revolutionize the way we consume and rate our art. Rather than be dictated to by critics, Gurushots, uses a community voting system which allows artists from all over the world the opportunity to promote their art, and discover and connect with other artists on the same path.

This event presented photographs by artists and organizations world-wide: it showcased over 600 pictures from 90 different countries. The goal of the exhibit was to create a provocative and fascinating example of what refugees, and other individuals fleeing their home country, experience.

Not only was it successful for GuruShots, but it was an extremely important showcase for us at Pass the Crayon. A portion of all proceeds was given to our organization, helping us in our efforts to provide a safe-space for refugee children to express themselves through artwork. Our co-founders, Martin Ringenbach and Sevin Ozdemir, were in attendance and were really pleased with the turnout, and the amazing photography on show.

** To see the many pieces of artwork submitted, and the winners of the competition, click here now! A big thank you to all those who attended, and a special thanks to GuruShots for your support! <3 **

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