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PTC Weekly #5: Spinning plates and Flying Seagulls

This week we welcomed Wolffy, Curly, Kaddy and Pasquale, our clown friends from 'The Flying Seagulls Project', for two extras-special workshops filled with music, smiles and... plates!


This week at studio Voodoo55, we did ink drop art! We especially love to do this activity with the kids because the fluidity of the ink, and the vibrancy of the colours makes for a really fun creative experience- and produces some beautiful pieces of art! It also helps to add a sense of freedom to the artistic process- ink, as a mode of expression, can only be controlled to a certain degree- the trick to great ink painting is to guide the ink, but to also let it combine, drip, splash and swirl on its own, with wonderful results.

"This week there was a really beautiful energy between the volunteers and the kids- and amongst the kids themselves! We did one of our favourite art techniques at PTC- ink drop painting. It was great to see how much the children enjoyed discovering and experimenting with the form and colour of their art.

One of the regular kids, 9-year-old Hayet, could not stop painting, and made at least 10 different paintings! She was able to discover her own style and was really proud to show her mother her artwork at the end of the session. To release the energy at the end, we finished off the workshop with some icebreaker games and some snacks." - Manon


The kids in Spandau were incredibly excited to see the Flying Seagulls again- many of the children recognized them from the previous workshop that we did with them in January, and they all jumped on them as soon as they arrived!

We played a number of different games with the kids, including a chase-game, where some children were monsters and had to run around and catch the others. We also did some musical play- the children had the chance to try out lots of different instruments, and had to follow the rhythm and also make up their own sounds.


The Flying Seagulls also led the Pankow workshop, and similarly to Spandau, the children were wild with glee when they saw them arrive. We held our session in one of the big main rooms, and very soon there was a big crowd of curious people- adults and older kids- who came in to watch the session. Wolffy led the games, supported by Curly, Pasquale and Kaddy. We all started off standing in a circle and doing silly movements and noises, and then we played some ice-breaker style games, including the classic party game 'Duck-Duck-Goose!', and a hybrid version of 'What's the time Mister Wolf?'.

The clowns then brought out a mysterious looking box- they opened it, and inside there was lots of spinning plates- the next half hour was spent trying to learn how to plate spin- with mixed success! All of the adults really wanted to join in with this activity too, and before very long, everyone was getting involved, and plates were flying everywhere. Most of us adults were terrible at the plate spinning, but some of the kids were amazing, and got the hang of it straight away. Others preferred to take the short-cut and balance their plate directly onto the stick, and try to make it spin with their hands!

At the end, the kids were sad to see the clowns go, and after we said goodbye and they tried to pick up their box and leave the room, a lot of the kids went and sat on top of the box and refused to move!

** We wish to thank The Flying Seagulls Project, and especially Wolffy, Curly, Pasquale and Kaddy for leading two amazing workshop sessions, and for your patience, kindness and dedication to all of the children. We really enjoyed working with you and we look forward to more collaborations in the future! **

*** Thank you for reading our latest installment of PTC Weekly. Don't forget to 'like' this post, and share on social media! ***

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