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PTC Weekly #1: Space Aliens and Glitter

Welcome to 'PTC Weekly', our brand new blog series dedicated to bringing you all the latest arty updates from our workshops in Spandau, Pankow and Wedding! :) Last week, our theme was SPACE.


In addition to our regular workshops, this week we hosted a special four-day series at Kreativhaus, a community space dedicated to promoting the arts and culture through creative play and performance art. We hosted afternoon sessions from Monday to Thursday, where we explored the theme of Space- we made planets, aliens and finally, a space fresco, which is now being displayed on the wall at Kreativhaus for the next two weeks. :)

"We are super happy to start the New Year with a partnership with Kreativhaus. We took a lot of pleasure leading these workshops, and we met a lot of really great kids. As well as creative activities, we sang, we played a few games, and even hosted our very own concert! We chose the theme of Space because it allowed the children to explore the limits of their imagination- particularly when designing their aliens! We really enjoyed working with Kreativhaus, and they have said that we can come back-- we are so happy, and can't wait for more collaborations!" - Martin


The glitter, glue and spray paint was also out in full force at our workshop in Spandau, where Manon made planets with the kids.

"Spandau workshop on Friday was great, small kids and older ones all took part in the activity together. I felt they enjoyed to create each part of the fresco from scratch- planets, stars and cosmos." - Manon


At the Pankow shelter, we have just finished our 3-part Space series- we made planets, stars, and last week we made... aliens! It was amazing to see the uniqueness of each child's alien- designing and building their own alien out of a mixture of moulding clay, goggly eyes, cocktail sticks, and various other materials, gave the kids the freedom to really push themselves to make the most unusual aliens they could think of.

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