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Pass the Crayon at the Delphi Theatre

A few weeks ago Pass the Crayon attended the re-opening of the Delphi Theatre: a wonderful retro space, with serious Roaring Twenties vibes and an amazing display of talent- we were so happy to support them! PTC volunteer, Emeline Hoareau, tells us more about the history of the Delphi Theatre, and the big day itself.

We were really happy to support the Free Open House Benefit at the Delphi Theatre. The event took place in a beautiful and historic building from the bygone era of the golden 1920s.

It was a wonderful day, where people could celebrate the reopening of the Delphi Theatre. An astonishing and funny show filled with a wide variety of performances: classical music concerts, silent movies with live piano, theater, swing dance, a live bluegrass band, cabaret, burlesque and much more.

It was also an opportunity for us to welcome children to our festive crafts workshop. They could make Christmas decorations, such as small wooly hats, paper Christmas trees and bells and Christmas cards. These were fun and easy crafts to make; the kids really enjoyed making their handyworks, while their parents enjoyed the wonderful show in the main room.

Just for the record, the theater was broken into on October 1st, 2017 and all the technical equipment was stolen. This was a devastating incident, and the theater lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in sound and lighting equipment. But the Delphi team never gave up and are currently in the process of replacing everything that was taken, to nurture the Delphi into one of the most unique and magical venues for arts and culture in Berlin.

All performers at the event shared their talents with us for free and the event itself was also free entry, with the chance to donate on the door on the way out. If you couldn’t attend this event or hadn’t the opportunity to support the Delphi Theatre during the day, it’s still possible! The team of the former silent film theater is making a crowdfunding campaign and they are waiting for you- So click here now to visit their donations page

Thank you to everyone who participated in this day, and thanks to the Delphi Theatre for allowing us to participate in such a wonderful cultural experience. We wish you the greatest success for the future, and we look forward to working alongside you again! :)

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