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We are sure you have all been missing your weekly dose of crafty goodness. But dry your tears because Art Idea of the Week is back with a festive BANG!

Yes, grab the mince pies, the Yorkshire puds and the industrial-sized bottle of Jack Daniels (honey flavour ofc)-- cos Christmas is here!

But before the festivities can truly commence, you have a lot of preparations to make.... Including festooning your home with twee decorations!

But the chocolate reindeer and gold-sprayed fir cones are so passé- Why not try something new? Something rustic? Something recycled!?

With that being said, we proudly present our PTC Festive Art Idea of the Week: Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations!

These free-standing paper trees are perfect for decorating a mantel piece, or table top. They are lightweight, 100% recyclable, and look damn cute.

This craft is extremely easy and a great one to do with kids, providing they receive help with the stapling part and of course use child-friendly scissors


  • An old book or printed newspaper (the discoloration of the pages adds a certain rustic charm)

  • Scissors

  • A pen

  • A stapler

  • Christmas Cheer!


  1. Select 5-10 pages (depending on how thick the paper is) and tear out

  2. On the top page, draw a large Christmas tree

  3. Tightly hold all pages together and cut out the tree, taking care to make sure the results are the same for all the layers. If done correctly you should now have a pile of identical paper trees.

  4. Take your stapler and staple twice down the center of the trees in a horizontal line (this bit is important-- if the stapling is not centered then you will have problems balancing your tree)

  5. Next, fold out all the pages so that each page is separated.

  6. Tadaa! Your paper Christmas tree is complete

This method can easily be applied to all sorts of shapes- Angels, Bells, Snowmen, maybe even a Santa if you're ambitious- provided the shapes are symmetrical and are wide at the bottom, otherwise they will not stand.

We hope you enjoy making your Christmas trees and most importantly.. HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS! With love from us all at PTC xoxo

** Don't forget to 'like' this post and share with all your friends. Also, post pictures of your crafts in the comments bar below, and feel free to share your suggestions for future craft ideas! **

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