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Tree House? Sky Scraper? Circular curved thingy? The kids imagined some crazy structures in this weeks Architectural Design Workshop at the Pankow refugee shelter.

At Pass the Crayon we are always encouraging the children to let their imaginations run wild and explore the limits of their creativity (Clue: there are no limits!). This week we wanted to apply this technique to a new area: Architecture.

The aim of this workshop, hosted by volunteers Jeanne and Nicholas, was to challenge conventional beliefs of what a house looks like. We all have that generic housey design in our mind, right? ===>

Well, we wanted to smash this stereotype, and encourage the kids to imagine something more like this:

And they certainly didn't disappoint! Some kids favored a very modern look...

Whilst others opted for a more rustic feel!

The imagination on display was impressive. What was also lovely to see was the overwhelming emphasis on Family occurring in most of the children's designs. As you can see with the drawings below, Aman draws a room for his father, and Dunia's house is for her and her sister, Barbi.

As well as drawing materials, we also provided loads of stencils and colored shapes, with the aim of encouraging the kids to experiment with different geometric shapes, and break free from the 'square + triangle' dogma!

We had a lot of fun in today's workshop, and it's not over yet! Next week we will continue on to the next phase in our architecture series.... building a prototype! Stay tuned...

*** For more photos from our workshop series, visit our Instagram page now :) ***

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