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Art Idea of the Week: Avatar

Hey guys, this week we are going to be making Avatars!

(No, not that sort... more like this) ======>

This week's craft is inspired by last Friday's art class at the shelter in Spandau, where we helped the kids make their very own Avatars.

This was a fun and easy craft to do, and the kids really enjoyed experimenting with the colour and design of their personal Avatars.

After they finished making them, the kids spent time writing a profile for their Avatars, and they each created their very own Avatar booklet.

We ended up running out of materials because a lot of the children wanted to make more than one Avatar, so we suggest bringing a LOT of materials just in case!

This is a really fun and simple craft to make, and the results are a great way of showcasing the diversity of creativity.

A special thanks to Maeille for designing and organizing such a great activity. We can't wait for next week! <3

You will need:

  • Large piece of white Styrofoam

  • Coloured felt tips

  • Scissors


  1. Draw your body parts onto the foam: Draw a head, torso, and legs (as separate pieces)

  2. Cut out four small rectangles (these will be used to attach your body parts)

  3. Next, take your pens and get drawing- you can design your Avatar however you would like :)

  4. Cut a small slit at the bottom of your Avatar's face.

  5. Cut two more at the top and bottom end of your Avatar torso

  6. Cut two on the bottom of the feet

  7. Take the four small rectangle pieces and slot them into the holes, and join together to create your standing Avatar!

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