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Art idea of the week: Bat Mobile

No, not the Batman kind- this kind! =======>

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, so this week we are gifting you with a step-by-step guide to making your very own bat mobile.

This is a slightly more complicated craft than last week, so if you are doing it with small children you can always simplify the process by just making one bat, and maybe leave out the whole mobile part, as it is fiddly widdly woooooo 👻👻

So grab those left over toilet rolls, and the black card, and let's get cackling 🎃

You will Need:

  • Paints or felt tips

  • A black marker pen

  • Black A4 card

  • Toilet roll(s)

  • String

  • Scissors

  • A sharp pokey object

  • Glue & sellotape

  • A chopstick or similar sized wooden stick


  1. Take your toilet roll, and draw on a bat face with your marker pen

  2. Next colour in the face with your pens, or paints

  3. Take your black paper and draw a large pair of bat wings

  4. Cut out the bat wings

  5. Attach the wings to your bat body with glue, and extra sellotape if neccessary

  6. Next take your pokey object and make a hole near the top of your toilet roll

  7. Take your string (after having measured out an appropriate length) and loop it through the hole- now your bat is ready to hang!


  1. Make two more bats and attach with string using the same method

  2. Now take your wooden stick and hang all three bats along the stick

  3. Now take another piece of string and tie it securely onto the stick

  4. Find a suitable place (eg light fixture) to hang your mobile.

  5. Now, grab the toffee apples, a red cup of dodgy punch and your even dodgier costume-- YOU ARE READY FOR HALLOWEEN!

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