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"Make mine a rainbow jellyfish": Art Idea of the Week

"Make mine a jellyfish", I said to the waiter (in my imagination).

"Which flavour?", asked the waiter.

"Rainbow", I replied.

"I'm sorry, we are out of rainbow jellyfish"

"Not to worry, I'LL MAKE YOU SOME MORE!"

Hi there, it's that time of the week again- and I'm not talking about made-up-cocktail-o'clock (although that would be great too). No, I'm talking craft-of-the-week-o'clock!

For those of you who haven't already guessed from my amazingly weird segue... we will be making Rainbow Jellyfish!

You will need:

  • Different colored crepe paper

  • A toilet roll

  • Scissors

  • Felt-tip pens/ or crayons

  • A stapler


  1. Take your coloured paper, and cut into long thin strips (making SURE you don't cut all the way up, so that all the strips are still held together.)

  2. Take your toilet roll and decorate with a nice smiley face

  3. Next, gather up all your strands of tissue, and position them inside the toilet roll, so that they all flow out of the hole, like the tentacles (?) of a jellyfish

  4. Take your stapler and staple the paper onto the toilet roll, making sure everything is secure.

  5. Voila! Your rainbow jellyfish is complete! :)

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