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Sand Collage: Art Idea of the Week

Now that we are well into September, the nights are getting longer, the winter woolies are emerging from wherever the hell we put them last year, and the leaves are falling from the trees.... Yes. Winter is coming.

BUT, we are going to squeeze in one more summery craft before we switch to dried leaf collages and stuff-made-with-pine-cones.

Our art idea this week is a sand collage. This is a fun one to make with younger children, but make sure you keep an eye on them with all that glue and sand- recipe for a sticky situation ;)

You will need:

  • Sand

  • Sea shells

  • Craft Glue (not pritt stick!!)

  • Paints & brushes

  • Large piece of paper (A3)

  • A knife for spreading the sand


1. Draw a line across the page: this represents your sea/sand divide

2. Paint your sea section. Get creative, paint groovy fish, floating jellyfish, maybe some sharks.... whatever floats your boat aha!

3. Next for the fun part: cover the whole of your sand section with glue- spread evenly with the knife

4. Sprinkle generous amounts of sand onto the paper

5. Take you knife again, and spread the sand across the paper until it is covering all of the sand section. Make sure you have even coverage.

6. Slightly lift the top of your paper to check if the sand is sticking and add glue where necessary. (Don't worry if there are some bare patches-- this is inevitable as the sand is heavy, and even with strong glue, it is difficult to make it all stick)

7. Next add spots of glue onto the sand in the places where you would like to position your shells

8. Add the shells, making sure there is enough glue to hold them in place.

9. Leave to dry (we suggest atleast 1/2 hours)

10. Your picture is complete!

We hope you enjoyed our latest art idea. If you wish to hang up your creation we suggest buying a glass frame to prevent sand spillages.

UnKrill next week.... Sea you later!! ;)

xoxo PTC

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