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Button Tree: Art Idea of the Week.

So this week we will show you how to make a Button Tree Painting. This is a fun, simple art idea, with gorgeous end results- and it can be done in just tree easy steps! Was that pun oak-ay? No? Never mind.

You will need:

  • Assorted buttons

  • Paints

  • Paint brush

  • 1 piece of paper (A3 is preferable)

  • Glue

  • (extra decorations e.g sequins)


  1. Paint your tree trunk-- this is the most important stage. It's easy to glue on buttons with gay abandon, but if you haven't got a good trunk, it won't look like a tree... it will look a mess.

  2. Glue on your buttons-- pay attention to the spacing of the buttons, and where in relationt to the branches the buttons are placed. Have a think about what style of tree you would like--- weeping willow? Sturdy oak?

  3. Once you are happy with your results, simply let the glue dry.

And... that's it! This is a tree-mendously easy craft to try; but the results are really cute, and it's a fun one do with the kids. This technique can also be used to make very nice cards for friends and family, plus, what else are we meant to do with all those annoying buttons that we just keep lying around!?

Enjoy, and post your pictures below

xoxo PTC

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