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"Jar you ready?": Art idea of the week

Take an old glass jar, add a dash of colour, et voila- a gorgeous glass lantern, perfect for all those tea lights you never use ;)

(Sorry pumpkin... we won't be needing you anymore!)

You will need:

  • x1 glass jar (or more!)

  • glass paints & paint brush

  • OR marker pens

  • thin craft wire


  1. Wash your glass (This is probably the most important don't want your lovely candlelit bath spoilt by the smell of singed passata)

  2. Plan your design (Or not)

  3. Get drawing/painting

  4. Let your paint dry (if you have used paint)

  5. Attach your craft wire to the rim of the jar by simply wrapping it round a few times

  6. Make the loop by bringing the wire up and across in an arch, and re-attaching it on the other side of the rim (this sounds complicated, but just look at the pictures; it's very easy, I swear)

  7. Re-enforce the wire if needed

  8. Add your tea light, run that bath, light the incense. OMMMMMMM.

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