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Paper plate fish: Art Idea of the Week

This craft is super-easy and extremely effective. The scalloped edge of the paper plate perfectly mimics the texture of a fish's fin; who would have thought a simple paper plate could be turned into such a convincing fish!?

Make sure you use your most vibrant paints, and dont hold back-- be as creative as you can be... because guaranteed... there will always be something crazier in the sea!

...... nam sayin?

You will need:

  • 2 disposable paper plates (or more if you want to make lots of fishies)

  • paints

  • paint brushes

  • scissors

  • glue


1. Take your first paper plate (this will be the fish body), and get painting.

2. Take your second plate and cut out 3 fin shapes (or more). This will make the tail, dorsal and pelvic fins (top, bottom, tail)

3. Paint your fins

4. Attach your fins to the main body with glue

5. Stick on the goggle eye... Viola!

These paper plate fish are seriously simple, but look wonderful- it's amazing what a well-placed goggly eye will do ;) Don't just make one... make a shoal of fish. Try different colours and patterns, stripes and spots. Plumb the depths of your imagination!

Peace and love


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