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Funky bird feeder: Art idea of the week

Summer is here, the flowers are in full bloom, and baby birds are leaving their nests and venturing out into the world... Why not give them a helping hand by installing a bird-feeder in your garden, or your local park?

This groovy, recycle-friendly craft isn’t just fun to make … it also benefits nature! Help foster your child’s passion for wildlife, by making this simple bird feeder.

You will need:

  • Empty milk carton or plastic bottle

  • A wooden chopstick

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • String

  • Pens and crayons for decorating

  • Bird seeds


1. Cut a window in the middle of your milk carton (it should be big enough for a bird to poke it’s head through)

2. Take your stick; poke a hole through the milk carton just underneath the window, and pull the stick through (this creates a fake branch, where the bird can stand)

3. Make a hook to hang your feeder by poking a hole through the top, and looping through some string

4. Now get decorating! Let your imagination go wild ;)

5. Pour in the seeds until they come up to the edge of the hole

6. Hang your bird feeder up in a nearby tree, grab your binoculars and start looking out for those birds!

**We have provided you with just the basic instructions, but feel free to get creative and adapt our formula!**

This craft has an extremely positive function, and this function can be extended for years and years. Give your child the responsibility of monitoring the bird-feeder, and re-filling it when it is empty; you will be surprised at how diligent they are!

Have a go at this craft and post your pictures below 😊

Much love

Flora, PTC Editor

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