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Pass the Crayon Blog Launch

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the official Pass the Crayon Blog :)

We are very excited to be launching our blog; with it, we hope to raise awareness for the work of Pass the Crayon, and for the refugee community as a whole.

We wish for our blog to be a voice for Pass the Crayon; a reflection of our passion for art, our commitment to providing art classes for refugee children, and our engagement and support of the wider refugee welcome culture movement. It is important for us to provide a platform, not just for ourselves, but for all people and organisations working to promote the welfare of refugees worldwide.

The Pass the Crayon blog will contain not only news and updates about our work here in Berlin, but also provide a commentary on the global activities of governments, individuals and NGOs within the refugee sector.

This will be a team effort from all of our volunteers at Pass the Crayon, so get ready for a multi-lingual explosion of personal stories, arty tips, event reviews, interviews, news commentary, political analysis, and much much more!

With love from,

Flora, Pass the Crayon Blog Editor


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