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charter IN WORDS

Pass the Crayon is a non profit organization founded in 2015. We support child refugees through artistic and creative workshops in order to foster their well-being and self expression. This charter reflects who we are and how we work according to our founding principles. Pass the Crayon is committed to working ethically under this set of values, which influence all aspects of our social action framework. The children we support are part of a vulnerable subgroup, due to their age, background, and current situation. Above all, we wish to prioritize their welfare and the creation of a safe space where they can be kids again; where they can express themselves, free from judgement or consequence. Therefore, we ask our collaborators to commit to respecting Pass the Crayon values and principles in order to contribute positively to our social action.


- Each person is an individual with a unique personality, therefore we are committed to respecting the personal space, the will, and the boundaries of every child.

- Refrain from actions derogatory in nature – either verbal (with words) or nonverbal (with gestures or body language).

- Be altruistic, to always preserve and ensure the well-being of the children we support ; our primary consideration is to always act in the best interests of the child.

- Fight all kinds of discrimination and differentiation, and work without making any distinction based on nationality, situation, age, sexual orientation, religion, language, or disability, according to Art. 2 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

- Ensure and enhance the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life, according to the Art. 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

- Provide and create a safe and peaceful space for all the children we support. We expect all of our collaborators and volunteers to bring to attention any situation which does not conform to our strict code of conduct.


Humanism: We value a humanist and modern approach, based on respect, recognition and humility towards our collaborators and the children we support.

Tolerance: Always promote the active inclusion of refugee children into German and European societies. In this regard, we are convinced of the benefits of an open, inclusive and tolerant society.

Conscientiousness: Recognize and respect each child’s cultural and religious background. With this in mind, we are taking an active stance against violence, discrimination, racism and sexist behavior.

Transparency: Ensure the integrity and transparency of our activities and expenditure.


- Provide and ensure a collaborative working environment adapted to each person, where everybody can fully express, identify, and exercise their own skills and qualities.

- Provide support to all of our salaried employees, volunteers, and partners, in the execution of their work and the possible difficulties encountered. We achieve this by fostering a social dialogue based on listening, respect, trust and team spirit.

- Offer a flexible working framework adapted to the needs and specifications of each person.

- Make a point to explicitly value the work and the involvement of each person within Pass the Crayon.

- Protect every child in our care from any danger, assault or physical, psychological, spiritual and sexual violence.

- Look out for signs of neglect and violence against children, and seek out the appropriate care-giver in order discuss and facilitate the necessarysupport.

Pass the Crayon, 2018

You can download our charter by clicking on the PDF button:

Pass the Crayon Charter designed by Studio Satël - February 2018

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